The Land of Tents

A journey to the nomadic heritage
of the Negev Highlands Bedouin tribes

We invite you to join us on a fascinating journey in time, to an ancient and intriguing culture,

The nomadic culture of the Negev Highlands’ Bedouin tribes.

This is your opportunity for a close encounter with authentic desert people, and to glimpse the legacy of nomadic desert life, preserved for centuries.

Authentic Bedouin cultural experience

The Land of Tents is not an “ordinary” touristic project. It is a rare and exciting window to a living culture in danger of extinction, which you have a unique opportunity to come into contact with.

Here you can enjoy an exceptional experience as guests in the desert people’s tents, get a close look at their unique way of life, and listen to stories around the campfire while the traditional “libbe” bread is baked inside the embers and the hot ash… an authentic and unforgettable desert experience.

How to book an activity?

Click on one or more of the experiences you are curious about, name the number of people, and when you plan to arrive. For a perfect experience, we highly recommend selecting a traditional meal too.

The booking system will display the total cost, and from there you can proceed to secure online payment by credit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount or only an advance payment of NIS 300 and complete the full payment after we send you all the details regarding your host.

Traditional Bedouin Shig Hospitality

Come and visit the comfortable guest tents, with a warm fire burning in its center, where you will always find coffee and tea pots.

This is a chance to become familiar with a rich and enchanting desert culture, where the main activities are animal breeding and herding sheep, goats and camels, making Bedouin cheese (“afik”), embroidery and weaving using traditional looms, and above all – a deep connection to the forces of nature, which dictate life and the everyday routine.

Desert skills

You can choose between an introduction to ancient crafts – loom weaving or baking the typical “libbe” bread, and various outdoor excursions – tracking, gathering desert plants and herbs for food and medicine, and herding.

Each activity opens a window to a colorful and surprising world. Each activity opens a window to a colorful and surprising world. Each workshop or tour is dedicated to learning an ancient desert skills and traditions that have evolved over thousands of years and are cherished by the people who preserve them to this day.

Where does the activity take place?

The activities and workshops take place in the families’ dwelling places and in the open spaces around the Negev Highlands tribes, along Highway 40 between Midreshet Ben-Gurion and Mitzpe Ramon:

The Ramat Tsiporim community near Midreshet Ben-Gurion, the Abdah community near Avdat National Park, the Chava Triangle community south of Avdat National Park, the Wadi Arikha community north of Mitzpe Ramon, or the A-Ramak community at Mitzpe Ramon.


Accommodation & Activities Price List

  • Overnight Accommodation PP 260 ₪

    For a closer encounter with traditional Bedouin life and the magic of the desert, you are invited to stay overnight with one of our host families, inside the community. Dinner, conversation with hot tea around the campfire, silent night around and sky full of stars above… In the morning you will witness how the desert and the community wake up to a new day. In the accommodation tent you will receive a mattress and you must bring your own bed linen or sleeping bags. You can also place your own camping tent. Overnight stay includes a full dinner and a light breakfast with tea and coffee. Accommodation features basic toilets and showers.

  • Group Activity Price 600 ₪

    For a group of up to six participants
    Additional participants: 60 ILS PP

    The activities we offer last 1.5-2 hours
    (not including meals, if booked).
    If you are interested in more extensive activities or excursions, please tell us and we will find those that suit you!

Meals Price List

  • lunch/dinner PP 120 ₪

    Mansaf and Maqluba (“Magluba” in the Bedouin dialect) are staple dishes of the traditional Bedouin cuisine. Each is a full meal, rich with flavors, and each Bedouin family specializes in a dish with a unique way to prepare it. The dishes can be booked as lunch or dinner, vegetarian or vegan version available. Mansaf: A mountain of rice is laid over a layer of freshly baked pita bread, with cooked & seasoned meat on top (we serve chicken), seasonal vegetables on the side, and other surprises according to the host family’s taste. Magluba(“upside down” in Arabic): Vegetables and meat (chicken) are cooked on the bottom of the pot, with a layer of rice above them to absorb the flavors from below. The pot is turned upside down on a round tray when served, creating a mountain of rice with the meat and vegetables on top.

  • Shepherd’s meal PP 60 ₪

    When moving around the pasture with the goats or camels, meals are simple, light, and modest.
    Our shepherd’s meals include libbe (bread baked inside the fire embers and hot sand) or fresh pita bread straight from the saj with labaneh or afik (dried goat cheese), tahina, fresh vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, olive oil and za’atar.
    We recommend adding this meal to the plant-gathering or tracking excursions.