Traditional Experiences with the Bedouin tribes of the Negev Highlands

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In the Heart of the Desert

with the Land of Tents

In the heart of the desert excursions
You can choose between tracking excursion, gathering desert plants for food or medicine, or a goat herding excursion

Authentic Bedouin cultural experience

We invite you to join us on a fascinating journey in time, to an ancient and intriguing culture, The nomadic culture of the Negev Highlands’ Bedouin tribes.

In the Negev highlands, few Bedouin families still maintain the ancient Bedouin way of life. The Land of Tents provides a rare opportunity to glimpse this way of life.

Here you can enjoy a meaningful and unique experience as guests in the desert people’s tents, with fascinating personal encounters, stories around the campfire, learning traditional crafts, or learning desert skills outdoors.

How to book an activity?

Click on one or more of the experiences you are curious about, name the number of people, and when you plan to arrive. For a perfect experience, we highly recommend selecting a traditional meal too.

The booking system will display the total cost, and from there you can proceed to secure online payment by credit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount or only an advance payment of NIS 300 and complete the full payment after we send you all the details regarding your host.

Traditional Bedouin Shig Hospitality

Come and visit the comfortable guest tents, with a warm fire burning in its center, where you will always find coffee and tea pots.

This is a chance to become familiar with a rich and enchanting desert culture, where the main activities are animal breeding and herding sheep, goats and camels, making Bedouin cheese (“afik”), embroidery and weaving using traditional looms, and above all – a deep connection to the forces of nature, which dictate life and the everyday routine.

Desert skills

You can choose between an introduction to ancient crafts – loom weaving or baking the typical “libbe” bread, and various outdoor excursions – tracking, gathering desert plants and herbs for food and medicine, and herding.

Each activity opens a window to a colorful and surprising world. Each activity opens a window to a colorful and surprising world. Each workshop or tour is dedicated to learning an ancient desert skills and traditions that have evolved over thousands of years and are cherished by the people who preserve them to this day.

Where does the activity take place?

The activities and workshops take place in the families’ dwelling places and in the open spaces around the Negev Highlands tribes, along Highway 40 between Midreshet Ben-Gurion and Mitzpe Ramon:

Ramat Tizporim community is near Ben Gurion collage, Abde community is south of Abdat National Park, Nahal Hava community is near Abdat National Park, Nahal Arikha communityis north of Mitzpe Ramon, orand Al Ramak communityis in Mitzpe Ramon.