Traditional Experiences with the Bedouin tribes of the Negev Highlands

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Traditional Bedouin meal

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Mansaf and Maqluba (“Magluba” in the Bedouin dialect) are staple dishes of the traditional Bedouin cuisine. Each is a full meal, rich with flavors, and each Bedouin family specializes in a dish with a unique way to prepare it. The dishes can be booked as lunch or dinner, vegetarian or vegan version available.

Mansaf: A mountain of rice is laid over a layer of freshly baked pita bread, with cooked & seasoned meat on top (we serve chicken), seasonal vegetables on the side, and other surprises according to the host family’s taste.

Magluba(“upside down” in Arabic): Vegetables and meat (chicken) are cooked on the bottom of the pot, with a layer of rice above them to absorb the flavors from below. The pot is turned upside down on a round tray when served, creating a mountain of rice with the meat and vegetables on top.

Minimum price per meal is NIS 600 (for 5 diners or less)

  • The cost of a diner from age 6 and older is NIS 120
  • The cost for a vegetarian diner is NIS 100
  • The cost per diner aged 3 to 6 is NIS 80
  • Children up to the age of 3 are exempt from payment
  • When you book, you can pay online either the full amount or just 300 ILS down payment.
  • In case you choose the down payment only, we request that you settle the rest of the payment up to 5 days before the activity.
  • You may book more than one activity; we will help you arrange the schedule.
  • We highly recommend booking a Sheperd’s meal or a Mansaf meal. These are traditional meals which are part of the family hospitality.





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