Traditional Experiences with the Bedouin tribes of the Negev Highlands

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Why are the Bedouins in need of exploration knowledge? The question is closely connected to the Bedouin way of life in the desert, their safety, the security of their property and their animals, as well as their relations with the neighboring tribes.

Traditional Medicine Among the Bedouins of the Negev (Al-Naqeb)

Traditional Bedouin medicine draws its strength from a fundamental principle of Islam – the belief in destiny. Everything that happens to a person in his or her life, for better or for worse, is God’s will. Therefore we must accept everything decreed to us with strong faith, courage, and patience. The Bedouins believe that diseases […]

Avdat Community (Abde)

The Abde community is located in Negev Highlands, west of Highway 40, about seven kilometers south of Ben Gurion College and about 20 kilometers north of Mitzpe Ramon. Abde is the largest Bedouin community on the Negev Highlands. Here the Israeli government plans to establish a permanent, central settlement for all the Bedouin communities of the Negev Highlands.