Privacy policy

Last update: 20.1.2022

Welcome to “Eretz HaOhalim“, the home page of the Bedouin Tourism Project at Mount Negev (“the website“). The site is under the ownership and management of the Keshet – Community Association | Culture | Environment(Registered Association 580350379) (“The Association“).

This privacy policy describes the privacy practices on the website. It also describes the rights and options granted to you regarding your personal information.

This privacy policy is an integral part of the terms of use of the Website. The original Hebrew-language of the binding documents are formulated in the male form for convenience only, but naturally address and apply to women as well.

The information we collect about you

The information required for placing an order on the website

If you would like to book services through the site, you will need to register and fill out an order form including your full name, phone number, e-mail address, number of participants, and details about the services you would like to book. As well, you will also need to choose a username and password. Payment for the services is made via the Website through an external clearing company, however, this policy will also apply in the event that we collect the payment information, not through the Website.

Information collected in connection with contacting the association

If you’d like to contact the association, you may do so by using the contact form on the website. To apply to the association, you will be asked to provide details such as your full name, phone number, e-mail address, and the content of your application.

You are not required by law to provide the above information, but if you choose not to provide this information, we will not be able to fulfill your order or respond to your inquiry.

When you provide personal information to a third party, you declare and acknowledge that you have received his/her explicit consent to disclose the information to the association to use such information in accordance with this policy.

Information collected during the use of the Website

When you use the website, the association will collect information about your practices in respect of using the Website, including content you have created or posted on the Website, information or advertisements you have read, the pages you have viewed, search queries you have entered, the services you have been interested in, and the frequency of their use, the place of your computer or end device, and the internet address (IP) you have accessed the website with, the type of your operating system, the type of your end device and information about it, and more.

In addition, the association may use the services of third parties to collect and analyze anonymous, statistical, or aggregate information in connection with your use of the service, including information relating to your activities in the service. This information is usually collected automatically and stored in the website server ‘log’ files. Some part of the information is passed on to third parties (see details below).

The usage of information

The details and personal information that you provide and the information that the association will collect during your use of the website will be used in accordance with the provisions of this policy or the provisions of any law, for the following purposes:

  • To enable you to use the services offered by the website and the content contained therein;
  • To identify you during your re-entering the pages containing registration information so that you are not required to enter your information each time;
  • To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the website, including creating new services and content that meet users’ requirements and expectations and modifying or eliminating existing services and content. The information that the association will use for this purpose will be essentially statistical information that does not identify you personally;
  • To periodically send you information about the service, surveys, information leaflets, as well as advertising and information regarding products and services of the association and third parties such as advertisers. Such information will be sent over to you according to your expressed consent when you have accepted the terms of use or in any other way. You may cancel your consent at any time and cease receiving advertising materials. It is hereby clarified that this consent constitutes consent for the purpose of the provisions under section 30a of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting, 1982), as detailed provided by the terms of use of the website:
  • To contact you when the association believes that there is a need to do so;
  • For analyzing, monitoring, and providing statistical information to third parties. This information will not identify you personally;
  • For the proper operation and development of the website and the services offered therein;
  • To enforce the terms of use of the website to comply with the requirements of any law, regulation, or other legislation and also to assist competent authorities and the courts, or any third party, when the association believes in good faith that it should do so;
  • For any other purpose outlined in this policy or by the site’s terms of use.

Provision of information to third parties

The association will not pass on to third parties the personal information you have provided and the information collected about your activities on the website, except in the cases listed below:

  • For website operation. For example, Google Analytics monitors website usage statistically, clearing companies receive credit card transaction information, and e-mail inquiries are made through MailChimp services, and more.
  • If you placed an order on the website, your details will be transferred to the service provider booked through the website. In addition, your details will be transferred to other suppliers and service providers of the association as required for the proper provision of the services ordered through the website;
  • If you are a service provider on the website, your details will be transferred to suppliers and service providers of the association, to the extent necessary to fulfill the association’s obligations under the agreement with you;
  • If you violate the provisions of the terms of use, or if you perform through, or in connection with, the website or services offered therein, any actions considered by the association as contrary to the law or an attempt to perform such actions;
  • If the association receives a judicial order or a requirement by the relevant authority to provide details related to you or the information about you to a third party;
  • In any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the association or anyone acting on its behalf;
  • In any event that the association shall assume that providing the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or property of a third party;
  • For the purpose of providing and sharing anonymous, aggregate, and statistical information with companies or other organizations affiliated with the association, as well as with business partners, advertisers, and any third parties. The association will not knowingly disclose your identity to these third parties without your consent;
  • If the association will organize its activities or the activity of the website in another framework, and also in the event that it may change the legal structure, merges with another entity, or merges the activity of the website with the activity of a third party – it shall be entitled to transfer to the new entity a copy of the information stored about you in the association’s database, provided that this body accepts the provisions of this privacy policy;
  • According to your expressed request.

Where is the information stored?

The information the association collects is saved in its database, which is stored with the providers of storage and data backup services, which may also be located outside the borders of Israel. Additional information, as detailed in this policy, is collected and stored by other companies (such as statistics companies, etc.). These companies may even keep the information out of the country. By agreeing to this policy, you also agree to the saving and transfer of the information abroad, outside the borders of Israel.


The association may use cookies on the website for the purpose of its ongoing and proper operation, including collecting statistics about the use of the website, verifying details, and adjusting the website to your personal preferences, information security needs, and more.

Cookies are text files that your browser creates on command from the website’s computers. Some cookies will expire when you close your browser and others are saved on the hard drive of your device. Cookies can contain various information, such as the pages you visited, how long you’ve been on the website, where you came to the site, what you want to see when you visit the site, and more.

If you don’t want to accept cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do so, please see the browser’s help file. However, disabling cookies may mean that you will not be able to use some of the services and features on the site or on other websites. Additionally, you can delete the cookies on your device at any time. You are suggested to do so only if you are convinced that you do not want the site to be adapted to your preferences and if you do not wish the site to recognize you at recurring entries to service sections that require registration.

Data Security

The association regards data security in its systems as most important. To preserve the information, it operates information security systems, applications, and procedures designed to minimize the risks of theft, damage, and loss, or unauthorized access to the information.

However, there is no absolute certainty that these applications will guarantee that personal information will not be disclosed or stolen from the databases. Therefore, the association does not guarantee, and you cannot reasonably expect, that the service and information systems used by the company will be immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them. By using the website, you are aware of and agree to these restrictions.

The right to review information

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, each person is entitled to review by himself, or by his proxy (approved in writing), or by a guardian, the information related to him in a database. A person who has reviewed the information and found it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or not up-to-date, may contact the database owner with a request to correct or delete the information. In case the database provider refused, he or she must notify the applicant as required by the regulations of the Privacy Protection Law. Upon the refusal of a database provider to allow reviewing and upon the notice of refusal to correct or delete information, the applicant of information may appeal as prescribed by the regulations.

Please note that deleting information may prevent you from continuing to use the service provided by the website and result in your unsubscribing from the website. According to the law, the required information for the association – including documentation of activities on the website – will continue to be kept by the association as prescribed by the law but will no longer be used for contacting you. Suppose within 30 days you will not be notified by the association that the request for deleting the information has been deleted according to this section of the law. In that case, you will be entitled to apply to the court in the manner prescribed by the Privacy Protection Law to instruct the association to act as required.

Changes to our privacy policy

The association may, from time to time, change the provisions of its privacy policy . If material changes are made to this policy, and if possible, a notice will be posted on the homepage of the Site. The link to the privacy policy posted on the website will always be linked to the updated current version of the policy. Your continued use of the service after posting the updated privacy policy indicates your acceptance thereof. If you disagree with the new provisions of the privacy policy, you should refrain from making any use of the site.

Contact us ot report any violation of your privacy

If you believe that your privacy has been compromised during your use of the service, or in respect of any other questions regarding this policy, please contact the association by the e-mail address: Our representatives are at your service for any request, response, question, or complaint.