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Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

Last Upate 20.1.2022

Payment policy

  • Booking services through the website are subject to charges and in accordance with the terms and conditions provided herein.
  • By choosing to order services on the website, you acknowledge that you agree to the payments and terms as detailed below.
  • The information on service rates is presented at the bottom of this page, throughout the website, and on the pages offering services to tourists.
  • When ordering, you can pay for the total price of the service, or you can pay an advance payment in the indicated amount.
  • If you have chosen during the reservation to make only an advance payment, you will be asked to complete the transaction no later than five (5) calendar days prior to the date of the activity. Without completing the full payment, the activity will not be executed.
  • Failure to make the full payment later than five (5) calendar days prior to the date of the activity, will entitle the association to cancel the order.
  • In such a case, the advance payment will not be returned to the customer.
  • Failure to make payment on time will result in linkage differentials plus interest as per the law, from the seventh day of delay onwards.

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellation of the activity or your participation in the activity after a transaction has been made will be carried out per the provisions of any law, including the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (“the Law”), and the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transactions) Regulations, 2010 (“The Regulations”).
  • In this framework, you can cancel services you ordered within 14 days of the transaction or from the date of receipt of the document containing the details of the transaction as required by law, provided that the cancellation is made within seven business days, prior to the date on which the service is scheduled to be provided. After canceling the transaction, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount you had paid, less cancellation fees of 5% of the transaction amount or NIS 100, whichever is lower. The refund will be made by credit card or bank transfer only, as determined by the association.
  • At any time and for any reason, the association may cancel an ordered activity, and it will endeavor to do so with prior notice, if possible. Upon cancellation by the association, you will be entitled to a full refund of the payment you actually made until that date, and you will have no claim, lawsuit and/or further demand against it.
  • The association reserves the right to change its cancellation and alteration policies from time to time. A change to the cancellation policy will take effect seven days after being posted on the site. By registering for an activity, you are confirming and accepting the most up-to-date cancellation policy as published on the Website. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the law and regulations and the cancellation policy, the provisions of the law and regulations shall prevail.

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Activities Price List

  • Minimum cost for an activity of up to two hours 600 ₪

    For a group of up to six participants
    Additional participants: 60 ILS PP

    The activities we offer last 1.5-2 hours
    (not including meals, if booked).
    If you are interested in more extensive activities or excursions, please tell us and we will find those that suit you!

  • Overnight Accommodation

    Currently, the Land of Tents project does not offer overnight stays in the guest tents, but if you are interested in staying overnight in addition to the activities you booked, we will gladly put you in touch with your hosts to arrange it directly with them.

Meals Price List

  • Mansaf lunch/dinner PP 120 ₪

    Mansaf is the Bedouin cuisine’s signature dish. It is a full meal, filling and rich in flavors!
    Freshly baked pita bread is placed on a large tray, a mountain of rice is placed on it, and on top – cooked and seasoned chicken, with cooked vegetables on the side, and more surprises depending on the taste of your host family.
    Traditionally, the Mansaf is shared and eaten together, straight from the tray with no utensils, using your hands . (but we supply spoons and forks). Vegetarians and Vegans are served a completely vegan version.

  • Shepherd’s meal PP 60 ₪

    When moving around the pasture with the goats or camels, meals are simple, light, and modest.
    Our shepherd’s meals include libbe (bread baked inside the fire embers and hot sand) or fresh pita bread straight from the saj with labaneh or afik (dried goat cheese), tahina, fresh vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, olive oil and za’atar.
    We recommend adding this meal to the plant-gathering or tracking excursions.