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Last update: 29.05.2022


Welcome to “Eretz HaOhalim” [The Land of the Tents] the website of the Bedouin Tourism Project in the Negev Highlands (Har Hanegev), which operates at: www.ohalim.org.il and through “Keshet Association – Community | Culture | Environment”” (hereinafter: : “the website” and “the association” respectively).

Your use of the website, including the content contained therein and the services it offers, confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions and other terms presented on the website, including the privacy policy and other provisions and rules and other provisions and rules that may be presented to you during the use of the site (designated as : “the binding documents“). The original Hebrew-language binding documents are formulated in the male form for convenience only, but naturally address and apply to women as well.

You are requested to read the binding documents carefully, as they define your rights and obligations in respect of the use of the website. The binding documents apply to the use of the website using any computer or other communication device (such as smartphones, smartphones, various tablets, etc.).

In the binding documents, the terms “content” or “contents” mean any textual, visual, audio, or combination or part thereof (such as audiovisual materials), as well as their design, processing, editing, and display.

About the website

The website offers information and services related to learning about and experiencing the Bedouin culture, such as tours, hospitality, meals, workshops on traditional crafts, and more. You may join an existing activity or request that we coordinate an activity according to your preferences. Payments for the activity will be made via the website. The association may determine that some of the payments will be made through the website and some by other means.

The association maintains the sole discretion to decide what contents will be displayed on the website, the length of time it will be displayed, its location and design, and any other matter related to them. The association may interact through the website with various social networks and online services. The use of such social networks, or any other online service, is done at your own responsibility and is inherently subject to the legal documents (such as the terms of use and policy concerning privacy) that regulate the activities of these services (which are not offered by the association).

Usage of the website

You may use the website, its contents, and the services provided therein, in accordance with the following rules:

  • You may use the website for private and non-commercial purposes only unless expressly stated otherwise;
  • Do not copy and use, or allow others to copy and use, in any other way, content from the website, including other websites and applications, electronic publications, printed publications, etc., for any other purpose;
  • Do not activate, or enable the activation of any computerized application or other means, including crawler robots (“bots”) type software or the like, to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content from the website. The above said includes not creating and using such means to create a compilation, collection, or repository that will contain content or information from the website;
  • Content from the website may not to be displayed in a visible or hidden frame;
  • Content from the website may not be displayed in any way – including through any software, device, accessory, or communication protocol that modifies its design or subtracts content or information from them;
  • The website and its content may not be linked to a source containing pornographic content, content that encourages racism, discrimination, content that is contrary to the law or encourages activities that are contrary to the law, or other content the publication of which is contrary to the law;
  • Content from the website other than the website’s homepage (“deep link”) may not be linked, displayed, or published in any other manner unless the deep link is to a webpage in its original form (in its entirety and “as is”) so that it may be viewed and used as originally provided.
  • It is forbidden to link to content from the website in isolation from the web pages where they originally appear (for example – it is forbidden to link directly to a video on the website but to the full page where it appears).
  • The webpage’s exact address must be placed in the intended place in the user’s interface, for example – in the address line (status bar) in the user’s browser. (This address should not be changed, misrepresented, or hidden and may not be replaced by any other address).

The association shall not be liable for any damage caused by a link to the content originating from the website and any other presentation or publication of the content. You are fully and solely responsible for any links, displays, or publications you make and undertake to indemnify the association for any damages resulting from that action.

Registration and submission of information on the website

Viewing the content displayed on the site does not require registration. However, purchasing or joining an activity through the website involves registering and providing personal and identifying information, such as a full name, address, phone number, active e-mail address, CV, payment information, and other details as appropriate and according to the circumstances.

In addition, if you want to contact us through the online-contact form available to users of the site, you will be required to provide us with your name, e-mail, and telephone number and enter the content of your inquiry in the designated spaces in the form.

You may complete the registration in any of these cases after providing the requested information and after obtaining your acceptance of these terms of use and privacy policy as shown on the site.

In any of the above cases, you should only provide correct, accurate and complete information. Providing incorrect information may prevent you from ordering services through the website or prevent you from being contacted if necessary. We will specify which required information in the form requires completion. Without providing the required information in the form, you will not be able to complete the registration. The association reserves the right to take various measures, technological and others, to confirm and verify your identity.

The registration is intended only for users who are 18 years of age or older. By registering on the website, you acknowledge and declare that you are at least 18 years of age or older or permitted to register and use the service with the consent of a parent or other legal representative if you are less than 18 years old. Please be aware that should it become apparent that you are under the age of 18 and that you have signed up for the service without the consent of a parent or legal representative, then the association will be entitled to block your activity and account on the website and may not provide you with the services you have ordered.

To prevent your account from being misused, you will need to enter a username and password which will be given to you when you register with the website. You must keep your username and password strictly confidential. Make sure to select a strong password and replace the password as often as possible, and in any case, at least once every few months. You are fully responsible for any use made of your account on the website, which also includes your failure to keep your account access information confidential.

By providing your information on the website and confirming the binding documents, you authorize the association to present or send you updates (by e-mail and SMS or WhatsApp or any other electronic means) including content updates, information about its services and products,, as well as other services and products,, promotions,, website innovations and advertisements,, within the meaning of Section 30a of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), – 1982. At any time, you may withdraw your consent and notify the association of your refusal to accept advertisements, generally, specifically, by sending a notice of refusal. The procedure of sending the notice of refusal will be specified in the advertisement material sent to you by the association and/or/anyone acting on its behalf..


Payments, Cancellations, Refunds

Ordering services through the website is subject to charges. The details and terms of the payments are shown here and constitute an integral part of these terms of use. If you choose to order services on the site, you also confirm that you agree to the payments and the conditions listed above.

Failure to make payment on time will result in linkage differentials payments plus interest according to the law, starting from the seventh day of delay onwards.

A payment delay exceeding 10 days entitles the association to cancel the order.

The association may, at any time and for any reason, cancel an ordered activity, and it will do so with prior notice. Upon cancellation by the association, you will be entitled to a full refund of the payment you actually made until that date, and you will have no claim, lawsuit and/or further demand against it.

The association reserves the right to change its cancellation and alteration policies from time to time. A change to the cancellation policy will take effect seven days after being posted on the site. By registering for an activity, you are confirming and accepting the most up-to-date cancellation policy as published on the Website. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the law and regulations and the cancellation policy, the provisions of the law and regulations shall prevail.


The Keshet Association respects your privacy while using the site. The site’s privacy policy is an integral part of the binding documents. Since the privacy policy may change from time to time, we encourage you to return and review it from time to time.


You may find links to various pages and content on the web. Some of the contents to which the links refer are not published by or on behalf of the association, and the association does not control or supervise them. The fact that the website links to these contents does not indicate the association’s agreement with their content, and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, up-to-date, legality, privacy protection, or any other aspects involved in their operation.

You might find the contents provided by the website to be unsuitable for your needs or that they are outrageous, annoying, inappropriate, illegal, or immoral. The association is not responsible for the contents the links are directing and is not responsible for any consequences resulting from their use or relying on them. The association does not guarantee that the links found on the Website will be valid and will lead you to an active Webpage. The association may remove links previously included on its website, or refrain from adding new links – all at its absolute discretion.

Commercial Content

The association may place on the Site, at its sole discretion, commercial content, for example, advertisements and notices, including information originating from supporters and sponsors, which may appear as of a commercial nature.

The association shall bear no responsibility for the commercial content posted on the Website on behalf of third parties. The association does not write, check, verify or edit the content of these publications or their authenticity. The sole responsibility for the commercial contents and any consequences resulting from using or relying on them rests with the advertisers. The publishing of commercial content on the Website does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement in purchasing the commercial content’s services, assets, or products.

Any transaction resulting from the following commercial content posted on the Website will be concluded directly between you and the advertiser concerned. The association is not a party to any such transaction and shall not be liable for the services and goods offered in or purchased through the commercial content on the Website.

Intellectual property

All copyrights and intellectual property on the site, in the services provided on it, and any content, contained therein are those of the association only or of other third parties who have permitted the association to use them. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, perform in public, transmit, make available to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above, whether by you or through or in collaboration with a third party, in any way or medium, whether electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording medium, or otherwise, without obtaining the prior written consent from the association or other rights holders, as applicable and subject to the terms of the consent (if given).

Trademarks and advertisements by advertisers on the Website (if any, including supporters and sponsors) are the advertisers’ property only. They may not be used without the prior written consent of the advertiser.


Wherever the binding documents specify the association’s responsibility, the liability will also apply to its employees, managers, and volunteers on its behalf.

The use of the site and any content or service offered therein shall be done at your sole and complete risk, and the association shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to you or anyone on your behalf or to any other third party, including any loss or expense, related to, or arising out of, directly or indirectly, the site and any content and service contained therein.

The content and services on the site can be used as they are presented (as is). They cannot be adapted to the personal needs of each person. You will have no claim, lawsuit, or demand against the association in respect of the content, services on the website, their capabilities, limitations, rules of conduct, and suitability for your needs.

The association does not guarantee that the services and contents of the site will not be interrupted, will be provided in regular order or without interruptions, and will take place safely and without errors. We implement measures to reduce the risk of damage, loss of information, access, or unauthorized use of the information, but these measures do not provide complete information security. Therefore, despite the efforts made to protect your personal information, the information security is not free of failures, and you cannot expect the website to be completely protected from all information security risks.


You may undertake to indemnify the association, its employees, managers, or anyone acting on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment, or expense incurred by it – including attorney’s fees and court costs – due to a breach of these terms of use or any other of the binding documents.

Changes and cessation of activity

The association may from time to time change the structure of the website, its design, the scope and availability of its services, and any other aspects involved in the website – all this without the need to notify you in advance. Such changes will be made, among others, in consideration of the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes that occur therein. By their nature, these types of changes may involve malfunctions or initially cause discomfort. You will have no claim, lawsuit, or demand against the association in respect of making such changes or malfunctions that may occur in the course of their implementation.

Without derogating from the above mentioned, the association is entitled to terminate the provision of the website’s services and content at any time, in whole or in part.

Change in the binding documents

The association may change from time to time the terms of use or any of the binding documents. Using the website after the change in the terms indicates your agreement to the new terms and/or the relevant binding document. If you disagree with the updated text of the relevant binding document, you should refrain from further using the website.

Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the website shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any matter resulting from the binding documents, or from the website, is vested exclusively with the authorized courts in Beer Sheva, Israel.


You may not transfer or assign rights under the binding agreements without obtaining the consent of the association in writing and in advance. The association may transfer its rights on the website or any part thereof to a third party at its absolute discretion, provided that such third party accepts the association’s obligations to you, in accordance with the binding documents.

Contact us

The association adheres to the provisions of the law and respects the rights of the website users. If you believe that any content on the website is offensive to you for any reason or violates your rights, please get in touch with us as per the information below, and we will endeavor to address your injury at the earliest: office@keshet.org.il